Primal Power


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The “PX7” On The Bottle Means This Formula Contains Seven Key “Super Ingredients” Which Combine To Give You “Extreme Performance” Capabilities.
Among the seven “super ingredients” in this formula you will find…

Vitamin B3 Science shows that every part of your body needs this nutrient to function properly, and it’s known to help lower cholesterol, ease arthritis, reverse high blood pressure and boost brain function…

But we especially love this “miracle nutrient” for being a vasodilator,which means it expands your blood vessels and promotes blood flow. The result?A stronger rush of blood to your penis when it’s time for action…and thicker, harder and larger erections.

Chinese Ginseng Over thousands of years, practitioners of Chinese medicine have used this amazing “super herb” to promote health and longevity.

It’s also said to improve sexual stamina and mental concentration, while reducing stress, lowering blood sugar and boosting the immune system.

Oat Straw Not only is this ingredient great for your heart—it also supports sharper thinking and enhanced focus by increasing blood flow to the brain, while reducing inflammation and stress and strengthening the nervous system and sexual function.

Saw Palmetto This is another “secret weapon” we had to include, since research shows Saw Palmetto supports prostate health, firmer erections and improved stamina…while increasing testosterone levels and even preventing hair loss.

Cayenne The spicy cayenne pepperhas been called “the king of medicinal herbs” because it has been used as a medicine in the jungles of South America going back thousands of years.

The benefits of this unusually powerful, all-natural ingredient—which is also packed with antioxidants—includes speeding up your metabolism (to promote fat loss), reducing hunger cravings, and aiding with digestion and pain relief.

You won’t taste it, but we’ve included a dose of Cayenne in every capsule of Primal Power because it also “spices up” your sex life by improving circulation and blood flow…giving you those raging “hard as steel” erections you enjoyed in your younger years.

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