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Growing Herbs for Health

We’ve added this guide to welcome our new customers. This ebook is just one of the two spectacular gifts we have lined up for you!

We thought it would be really convenient if you could grow these medicinal herbs in your backyard instead of having to source and purchase them.

If you have no clue how to start your garden, this book will teach you…

… how to choose containers with good drainage, how to clean containers, how to improve drainage so that roots don’t become waterlogged, how deep you should plant the seed, how to ensure light requirements are adequate when growing indoors, and much more!

While gardening might be simple once you get the hang of it, one of the questions most people ask is, “which medicinal herbs should I grow in my garden”? Of course, the most important herb for you to grow is the one that answers the health problem you have most often.

So all you need to know is the medicinal benefits of each herb, for example, Thyme to boost the immune system or Yarrow to prevent bleeding! We discuss everything in this book.

We discuss popular annual herbs, popular perennial herbs, drought-tolerant herbs, herbal ground covers, and popular culinary herbs that everyone loves, and we discuss homegrown herbal teas that we love!

Let’s start growing your backyard pharmacy!

You’ll also receive a second gift called…

Power Foods for Health

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had a simple handbook that you could refer to when trying to find the best foods to eat for your current health problem?

For example, let’s say you find it painful to manage your blood sugar. All you need to do is open this ebook, search for blood sugar, and there you have it – beets pop up! A low GI food for salads.

This book is a go-to for all your ‘what foods can I eat?’ moments. We discuss studies and benefits and explain how each nutrient in these foods can help you with whatever problem you’re currently facing.

We also tell you what the most powerful superfoods are, and explain the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber, letting you know when to take which.

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