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The Hidden Danger in Your Back Pocket
Are cell phones really dangerous? Or is that some kind of conspiracy theory cooked up by tinfoil-hat-wearing weirdos who want to keep us in the dark ages?

To be honest, I never really thought about it… not until some people I respect started to express concern over the amount of electromagnetic radiation we’re exposed to every day.

And then, against my will, I started to think about it. There have been plenty of times when I’ve been talking on my cellphone and suddenly realize that my ear is hot, my phone is hot, and the whole side of my head feels kind of “off.” You, too?

What is that? Is that what they’re talking about when it comes to radiation?

And could that be why I’ve been having a lot more headaches lately? I started to do some research… and I discovered that there’s a lot of scientific evidence out there that says cell phones, WiFi, and 5G are harmful to our health.

Not only that, but in places like France they actually limit the amount of wireless children are exposed to because of the known damage it does…

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