Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick


Price: $119 $39.87

All the Benefits of Artesianal Well Water… At Pennies Per Liter!
Water is critical to our health… But most of us are either drinking tap water that’s full of chemicals or paying way too much for bottled water. It’s not that bottled water isn’t good… artisanal water is actually very good for you! There are three main benefits of drinking this sort of water: Alkaline ph Increased mineral content. No harmful chemicals.

The downside to bottled artisanal water? First of all, the expense! For good alkaline water, you can easily pay $3.00 or more per liter… some cost much more than that! And in addition, all those plastic bottles end up in the landfill… not only is it a waste, it’s also terrible for our environment.

That’s where the Water Stick comes in
This simple device has revolutionized water. With the Water Stick, you get all the benefits of alkaline, artisanal water… but for pennies per liter! The Water Stick filters impurities and chemicals out of your tap water. It also ionizes your water, giving it a health-enhancing alkaline ph. In addition to all of that, the Water Stick infuses your water with over 10 vital minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

And the best part is, a single Water Stick will produce around 90 liters of safe, healthy, enhanced water… while sparing the earth hundreds of plastic bottles and saving YOU hundreds of dollars!

90 liters of Fiji water would cost around $300… the Water Stick is on sale for just $14.87 and will give you all the benefits, with practically zero waste and at a tiny fraction of the cost.


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